TrackingPoint Emerges Leaner and Stronger

Founding Management Team Leads Company

TrackingPoint announced today the successful completion of a financial and operational restructuring. The company is accepting new orders while fulfilling its backlog of existing orders.

Mission: Herd Management

Some Call It Evolution.
We Call It Dominion.

Precision-Guided Firearms are a highly efficient tool for culling and managing populations of whitetail, elk, and other species. Their incredible precision means no more wounding or missing the target.

Mission: Predator Control

Dominate Your Predator Population.

Say good riddance to the wild hogs, wily coyotes, and other maddening varmints that destroy your property, harm your livestock, and ravage game animals.

Mission: Mentoring

Positive First Hunt.

Unique features of your Precision-Guided Firearm make it easy for an experienced hunter to help a novice family member, friend, or colleague learn to hunt.

Mission: Teaming

World Records.
Lifetime Bonds.

When your spotter uses the TrackingPoint ShotGlass™ App on the Recon Jet™ shooting glasses, he or she sees what you see—but with a wider field of view.

Mission: Connected Hunting

Live It Together,
Even Worlds Apart.

Become the star of your own hunt. When you hunt with a TrackingPoint Precision-Guided Firearm, your friends and family can log in to your gun from anywhere in the world.

Mission: Precision Hunting

Perfect to a fault?
Damn Straight!

Even at shorter distances of 0.05 to 0.11 miles, Precision-Guided Firearms make a difference. Placing perfect shots under extreme stress is often challenging. So don’t miss.

Mission: Fair-Chase Hunting

Out of the Blind.

Hunt on the move without a gun rest, for a truly unique experience. Now you can strap on your Precision-Guided Firearm and get out of the blind.

Mission: Extreme Hunting

Life Altering.
For You and the Trophy.

Experience the exhilaration of extreme hunting with a Precision-Guided Firearm. It’s an exciting new sport for hunters of all skill levels, and it’s waiting for you.

Mission: Homestead Defense

Think of It As
Your Own Personal Militia.

With a Precision-Guided Firearm, you hold a tremendous advantage over an intruder. No perpetrator can overcome your dominant capability.

Mission: Target Dominance

The Envy of Everyone.

With a Precision-Guided Firearm, you’ll rapidly engage and hit targets out to a mile.

Watch How it Works

Learn what a Precision-Guided Firearm is, what it does, and how it’s capable of making beyond belief shots.

ShotView: Connect with Family and Friends

ShotView shares your shooting and hunting experience with the entire world. Your family and friends can connect to your Precision-Guided Firearm and view a live video feed of exactly what you're seeing.

ShotGlass™ app on Recon Jet™

TrackingPoint brings you the first digital shooting and hunting app for Recon Jet™ smartglass technology, making it possible for you to shoot around corners, record your hunt, and share your experience with friends and family.