Day/Night PGF


Day/Night Predator

Eradication System

TrackingPoint Introduces

Precision-Fire Weapons

TrackingPoint’s first precision-guided firearms designed specifically for the United States Military. The M600 SR service rifle and M800 DMR for Designated Marksman will potentially change the face of war.

Watch How it Works

Learn what a Precision-Guided Firearm is, what it does, and how it’s capable of making beyond belief shots.

ShotView: Connect with Family and Friends

ShotView shares your shooting and hunting experience with a friend or family member. Your hunting partner can connect to your Precision-Guided Firearm and view a live video feed of exactly what you're seeing on their tablet or smartphone.

ShotGlass™ app on Recon Jet™

TrackingPoint brings you the first digital shooting and hunting app for Recon Jet™ smartglass technology, making it possible for you to shoot around corners, record your hunt, and share your experience with friends and family.