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Best Rifle in The World: TrackingPoint XS1 | 2013

Best Rifle in The World: TrackingPoint XS1 | 2013

Bold statement? Yes. Accurate one? Yes, as accurate than the XactSystem technology in our Precision Guided Firearms (PGFs). TrackingPoint not only make the best rifles available today, we make the most technologically advanced long range bolt action rifle ever released. Our PGFs use lock and launch technology to tag, track & and hit targets with very high First Shot Success Probability at up to 1200 yards.

Best Rifle in the World

What makes the XS1 the best rifle on the market?

The XactSystem is a system made up of several key components that take your long range shooting abilities far beyond where just sound fundamentals can. The precision of the XactSystem comes from complete control of every component and variable in the system. Let's start from the top:

The Bolt Action Rifle The TrackingPoint XS1 best rifle in the world

The muscle of the XS1 is a conventional Bolt-action, .338 Lapua Magnum Surgeon™ XL action manufactured from solid aircraft grade steel complimented by a 27-inch, Krieger™ cut-barrel fitted in an Accuracy International AX chassis with detachable Picatinny rail pieces. While our rifle makes long distance shooting easy we are all about fundamentals and this rifle, at its core, is fundamentally a precision firearmWe also make 2 models that are smaller and more compact in .300 Win Mag.



Guided Trigger the best rifle requires the best components 

When you shoot a target on the XS1 or one of our other long distance rifles, you're doing a lot more than just firing a gun. Here's how it works:

  1. The shooter tags the target in advanced mode, disengages the safety, and brings the reticle onto the tag.
  2. The shooter arms the system by squeezing and holding the Guided Trigger. This signals to the Precision Guided Firearm (PGF) the shooter’s intent to fire, and the reticle turns red.
  3. The scope now controls the trigger weight, in order to aid the shooter. When the shooter is off target, trigger weight is temporarily increased, which defers launch. When the shooter precisely intersects the tag with the center of the reticle, the trigger weight is decreased, allowing normal trigger pull force to launch the round.


The Precision Ammunition Most Accurate Ammunition

XactShot™ ammunition fires at +/- 10 fps standard deviation muzzle velocity making it another important piece of the best rifle system available today.


The Networked Tracking Scope Precision Scope on the XS1

When you're talking about a long range rifle, the rifle can only get you so far, the true accuracy is guided by the scope. Our scope is a Linux powered, WiFi connected, precision optic work of art.  The XS1's functionality breathes it's inspiration from advanced fighter jet target tracking technology, the heads up display on our NTS gives the shooter live information about mode, wind speed, shot angle, range, cant, direction, zoom settings, temperature and pressure. 



The Technology

Our complete Precision Guided Firearm system utilizes everything from Doppler radar to smart phone apps, an expansive breadth of tech, and the most sofisticated set of technology in any rifle system. Compass sensors detect basics like cant & shot angle while the computing power leverages a ballistic solution to adjust for items as minute as the movement of the earth under the bullet as it flies (coreolis effect). Tag Track Xact can track a tagged target's movement at up to 10mph. The only input you have to manually set is the wind speed, the XactSystem takes care of the rest.

Learn more: TrackingPoint XS1 Long Range Rifle

Click the link above for all the details, specs & a 360 walk around the XS1.




TrackingPoint XS1 .338 Lapua Magnum
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