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These key hardware elements make the XactSystem Precision Guided Firearm different from other firearms

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Target acquired, range established, ballistic solution calculated.


System continually tracks the tagged target and calculates range.


Smart trigger fires when properly aligned.

Tag Track Xact™

The TrackingPoint Shot Process

Tag Track Xact (TTX) is the unique shot sequence used by the TrackingPoint XactSystem Precision Guided Firearm (PGF). TTX eliminates shooter error and increases the probability of first-round hits at range.

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Every XactSystem PGF uses mobile apps for streaming and managing recorded video. The apps are installed on the provided iPad® Mini and can be downloaded to other devices via the Android or Apple stores.



Configures your PGF, enables software updates, transfers shot videos to your smart phone, helps you get the most accurate shots possible, and locks out advanced features when storing the firearm.



Streams video from the heads-up display of a TrackingPoint PGF to a smart phone or tablet.

The XactSystem Hardware Apps Tag Track Xact


The Future is Now

The TrackingPoint Precision Guided Firearm (PGF) is called the XactSystemâ„¢. It features fighter-jet technology: target tracking, heads up displays, and advanced fire control.

This technology amplifies human ability. It also eliminates multiple sources of error, like mis-aiming, trigger jerk, and shot-setup miscalculation.

Wireless technology seamlessly integrates the XactSystem PGF with local and wide-area networks. It provides voice, video, and data to remotely connected devices and systems.

The XactSystem PGF comes as a complete firing system, including a custom, bolt-action rifle, precision conventional ammunition, and all of these innovations:

Networked Tracking Scope, Tag Button, Guided Trigger, Barrel Reference System

Tag Track Xact (TTX)
Shot Sequence

ShotView and TrackingPoint Apps