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  1. Networked Tracking Scope
  2. Guided Trigger
  3. Tag Button
  4. Barrel Reference System


These key hardware elements
make the XactSystem Precision
Guided Firearm different from other firearms:

Hardware Apps Tag Track Xact

Networked Tracking Scope

This core engine inside the smart scope tracks and ranges the target, calculates the ballistic solution, and ensures the optimal firing solution and tag alignment before releasing a shot.

Guided Trigger

In advanced mode, the Guided Trigger works with the Tag Button to allow target selection and arming. In traditional mode, the Guided Trigger functions the same as a guided trigger on a traditional firearm.

Tag Button

In advanced mode, this button works with the Guided Trigger to allow target selection and arming. In traditional mode, this button allows the shooter to range the target.

Barrel Reference System

The networked tracking scope uses this fixed reference point to make adjustments and maintain zero over time.