Networked Tracking Scope

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Networked Tracking Scope

The key to the XactSystem is the functionality of the Networked Tracking Scope (NTS). The Networked Tracking Scope provides the shooter the opportunity to make first round hits at long range and share the experience with others via the onboard wifi server. Together with the Guided Trigger, it forms the core technology of the XactSystem Precision Guided Firearm.

Its intelligent digital interface is where the magic happens. Features include Heads Up Display (HUD) of vital information for each shot, and magnification of 6-35X, depending on the model.

Networked Tracking Scope


The NTS houses a number of hardware components in a durable, compact package:

  • Microphone
  • Compass
  • Wifi server
  • Inertial measurement unit
  • Batteries
  • Ballistic calculator
  • Tracking engine
  • Integral laser rangefinder
  • Objective lenses
  • Environmental sensors for pressure and temperature
  • Low-light cut filter for dawn and dusk shooting

Heads Up Display

The Heads Up Display shows the user 15 critical data points at a glance.

Built in WiFi WIFI enabled

Built in Wifi

The Networked Tracking Scope also operates as a wifi server. With it, you can

  • Connect your smart device to the scope.
  • Stream video from the HUD using the ShotView app.
  • Download recorded shot sequences and still images from the HUD to a smart phone or tablet using the TrackingPoint app.
USB enabled


The scope has USB ports for attaching TrackingPoint accessories.