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Tag Track Xact

Tag Track Xact (TTX) is the unique shot sequence used by the TrackingPoint XactSystem Precision Guided Firearm (PGF). TTX eliminates shooter error and increases the probability of first-round hits at range.

Here's How it Works:

TrackingPoint - Mode Button

System Startup

The shooter can press the mode button to enter Advanced mode 15 seconds after the Networked Tracking Scope boots up. The shooter enables TTX.

TrackingPoint HUD - Tag

1. Tag

The shooter presses the Tag Button to paint the target and lock on, regardless of target movement. Once the red tag appears, the shooter places the tag on the stabilized image, then releases the Tag Button when the tag is in the desired position.

TrackingPoint HUD - Tag

2. Track

The ballistic computer in the firearm’s Networked Tracking Scope instantly accounts for all range and environmental factors. It adjusts the reticle position to hit the tagged target.

TrackingPoint HUD - Tag

3. Xact

The shooter aligns the reticle with the tag. He then squeezes and holds the Guided Trigger. The reticle turns red. The shooter brings the reticle into exact alignment with the tag. The system allows the trigger to launch the round at the precise moment needed to ensure impact with the target.


The Tag Track Xact system provides a ballistic solution that accounts for coriolis effect, magnus, spin drift, temperature, pressure and more.


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