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Long Range Hunting with XactSystem™ Rifles

Long Range Hunting with XactSystem™ Rifles

Not long ago, on a South African safari, TrackingPoint's founder John Mchale fired long distance shots at a gazelle on the final day of his safari hunting expedition. The shots missed despite his shooting capability, and he came home and decided to change the landscape of long range hunting and firearms forever by developing the world's first Precision Guided Firearm.

Long Range Hunting  demonstrated:

The concept behind the XactSystem™ series Precision Rifle was born out of an experience that most big game hunters and long distance marksmen have had: the miss. TrackingPoint's long range hunting rifles have elevated the playing field and raised the bar for long distance big game hunters everywhere. Our precision rifle system, the XactSystem™, brings bolt action rifle accuracy to a whole new level. The complete Precision Guided Firearm system utilizes technology never before used in conventional long range hunting, making accuracy, consistency, and precision as simple as Tag, Track, Xact™.

Extreme Distance Shooting

The TrackingPoint XS1 PGF is based on a .338 Lapua Magnum bolt action rifle. The .338 combined with our complete firing system is our XS1and the best long range rifle on the market. PGF's make high first shot success probability a reality for long range hunters of any skill level, the the XS1 being Tag Track Xact™ up to 1200 yards.

Long Range Hunting

Accuracy in long range hunting is important for a succesful hunt, but also for ethical harvesting of game. Increased accuracy with our complete precision scope and rifle networked system means no injured or lost game and clean kills every time.

1. Tag TrackingPoint HUD - Tag

In the heads up display, the hunter uses the Tag Button to mark a target even if it's moving. While pushing the button, when the red mark is visible, the shooter places the tag on the stabilized image, then lets go of the Button when the tag has been correnctly placed.



2. Track TrackingPoint HUD - Tag

The firing solution is calculated by the PGF's precision Networked Tracking Scope which factors in all range and environmental variables and adjusts the reticle position to hit the tagged target.



3. Xact TrackingPoint HUD - Tag

The hunter places the reticle on the tag and squeezes and holds the Guided Trigger as the reticle turns red. The shooter then brings the reticle into exact alignment with the tag as the system launches the round at the optimal moment to ensure a first round hit.