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Long Range Hunting Rifle: TrackingPoint XS1

Long Range Hunting Rifle: TrackingPoint XS1

Whether an avid hunter or a weekend warrior the pursuit of perfecting your accuracy can often be an endless one, and the right long range hunting rifle is a vital instrument in that journey. With variables like wind speed, cant, shot angle and moving targets, why not give yourself every advantage possible? Whether practicing on the range or tracking game on the hunt, every long range hunter's end goal on every squeeze of the trigger is simple: a first round hit. The XS1 and the rest of TrackingPoint's Precision Guided Firearms take the conventional long range hunting rifle to the next level by utilizing fighter jet lock-and-launch technology, computing power, and a heads up display. The XS1 is the longest range rifle in our XactSystem series.

XS1 long range hunting rifle from TrackingPoint

You may be asking yourself "What is a Precision Guided Firearm? That sounds pretty serious!". To put it simply, we've combined fighter jet technology, a Linux powered CPU, heads up display, guided trigger and conventional bolt action rifle into one firing system. Regardless of if you're a first time shooter, or a weathered big game hunter, this technology will all but guarantee first shot success on long range shots. Reducing the chances of a mistake and minimizing the intangibles that mother nature will throw your way makes for a more efficient and humane hunt. Take a look at the rifle itself:

XS1 Long Range Hunting Rifle Breakdown

BOLT ACTION RIFLE The TrackingPoint XS1 best rifle in the world

Conventional Bolt-action, .338 Lapua Magnum Surgeon™ XL action made of solid aircraft grade steel featuring by a 27-inch, Krieger™ cut-barrel and Accuracy International AX chassis.






GUIDED TRIGGER the best rifle requires the best components 

The guided trigger initiates the Networked Tracking Scopes firing solution, launching the round at the perfect moment. 






Barnes Bullets Open-Tipped round specificically for our long range hunting rifles.  





Our Linux powered, video recording, wifi connected scope automatically calculates your firing solution.






TrackingPoint's PGFs are the most technologically advanced shooting rifle long distance hunters have never seen. Combining cutting edge technology with conventional components and ammunition, Tag Track Xact accuracy up to 1200 yards can be acheived with high first shot success probability. We all want to improve and become more efficient on the hunt, TrackingPoint has created the only long distance hunting rifle you'll ever need.