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Precision-Guided Semi-Auto 5.56

Precision-Guided Semi-Auto 5.56

0.33 mi Lock Range, 10 mph Target Velocity

It’s the first precision-guided 5.56 semi-automatic rifle. You’ll achieve perfect impact at extreme distances, even when targets are moving fast.

  • Perfect impact on targets out to 0.33 miles, moving as fast as 10 miles per hour.
  • The same Tag-and-Shoot™ technology found in fighter jets
  • Advanced target tracking technology
  • Comprehensive, purpose-built shooting system
  • Now available! The ShotGlass™ App on the Recon Jet™ smartglass empowers you to shoot around corners and record your hunt.



Call (512) 354-2114 to order.



Tag-and-Shoot is how a shooter actually uses a Precision-Guided Firearm. The shooter puts the reticle on the intended point of impact, presses the tag button, and then pulls the trigger when he has moved on to the designated point of impact. The Precision-Guided Firearm does the rest.


TriggerLink is an electronic connection between the tracking optic and the guided trigger. The tracking optic communicates with the guided trigger to ensure that the round is released at the precise moment required to make an extraordinary shot.

Permanent Zero

The shooter never again has to worry about whether his gun is properly zeroed. The Precision-Guided Firearm’s laser-based barrel reference system maintains a permanent, factory-set, perfect zero for every shot. It’s unaffected by shock, vibration, or other environmental factors.

Virtual Rest

Virtual Rest™ makes off-hand shots as easy as shooting from a stable rest. The Precision-Guided Firearm image is stabilized, so you can Tag-and-Shoot™ moving or stationary targets at extreme distances from an off-hand position.

Heads Up Display

HUD is the digital display that shows the field of view. The key user-interface between the shooter and the Precision-Guided Firearm, the HUD displays vital pieces of data including range-to-target, target velocity, shot angle, compass heading, gun cant, battery status, WiFi status, wind velocity and direction, kill zone size, ammunition type, temperature, barometric pressure, and time of day.


The ShotView app streams real-time video from the Precision-Guided Firearm to a ShotGlass™ on the Recon Jet™ wearable, smart phone, or tablet. It’s ideal for communication in hunting and target shooting applications. Friends, colleagues, or fellow soldiers can see what the shooter sees in his tracking optic.


Lock Range

Max Target Velocity

Tracking Precision

Barrel Length

Full Length

Target Lock Time

0.33 miles

10 miles per hour

0.047 minutes of angle (MOA)



1 second (includes all ballistics calculations and velocity measurements)

Average Launch Time


Operating Time





2.4 seconds, post-tag

Dual lithium-ion batteries

2.5 hours

2 to 14x


69 gr Match or 70 gr TSX

12 lbs


3-Year Extended Warranty

A 3-year extended warranty is available on all parts and labor for all components, including barrels. And if we can't turn it around in 7 days, we'll ship you a spare gun. See details.

Elite Experience

Experience a day at the TrackingPoint facilities, complete with a plant tour, simulator training, and on-range training. You’ll shoot the latest technology, hear about the future of Precision-Guided Firearms, and meet senior management. Find out more.

Software Maintenance

Receive all new software upgrades of your choice for 1 year with this renewable annual agreement. Plus you’ll receive advanced notification of new software features. Learn more.

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