Precision-Guided Semi-Auto 7.62

Precision-Guided Semi-Auto 7.62

0.5 mi Lock Range, 15 mph Target Velocity

The Precision-Guided semi-automatic 7.62 offers the precision and speed of the 5.56, but with the knockdown power needed for larger targets.



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Taking out a large, sprinting predator or engaging an insurgent up to 0.5 miles away are missions that are highly likely to succeed with the Precision-Guided 7.62.


Lock Range

0.5 miles

Max Target Velocity

15 miles per hour

Tracking Precision

0.047 minutes of angle (MOA)
(0.41 inches @ 0.5 miles)

Barrel Length


Full Length


Target Lock Time

1 second (includes all ballistics calculations and velocity measurements)

Average Launch Time

2.4 seconds, post-tag


Dual lithium-ion batteries

Operating Time

2.5 hours


3 to 21x




175 gr Match or 168 gr TSX


14.6 lbs

Competitive Matrix

Product Caliber Fire
ShotView™ Digital Shooting
VirtualRest™ Permanent
Heads-Up Display Digital
Teaming Effective
Price Cost Per
Effective Yard
TPSA 762 7.62 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 0.5 mi. $14,995 $17
LarueLT762-18 +
Schmidt and
Bender PMII
7.62 No No No No No No No No 0.1 mi. $7,723 $39

What is Effective Range for the 7.62?

Effective range for this model is the distance at which a typical shooter will be consistently successful on an 8” static target. For a typical shooter, the effective range is 150% greater using a Precision-Guided Firearm than with a legacy rifle. If the target is moving, the effective-range advantage of a Precision-Guided Firearm increases to 350%.

What is Cost Per Effective Yard?

Cost per effective yard is price divided by effective range. On average, Precision-Guided Firearms are less than half than the effective cost of a premium legacy gun and scope combination.

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