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TP SA 762

TP SA 762 Precision Guided Firearm

It’s the first precision guided 7.62 semi-automatic rifle. With it, you’ll make extraordinary shots at extreme distances, even on fast-moving targets.

  • Perfect impact on targets out to 800 yards, moving as fast as 15 miles per hour.
  • The same Tag&Shoot™ technology found in fighter jets
  • Advanced target tracking technology
  • Comprehensive, purpose-built shooting system


Call (512) 354-2114 to order.


Tag&Shoot™ Target Engagement System

The shooter presses the Tag button to designate an impact point. Then the PGF tracks the target and helps the shooter perfectly release the round.


Tracking optics are electronically connected to a guiding trigger. The trigger fully releases when the shooter achieves perfect alignment.

Permanent Zero

Never again worry about whether your gun is properly zeroed. The PGF’s laser-based barrel reference system maintains a permanent, perfect zero for every shot. It’s unaffected by shock, vibration, or other environmental factors.


This app streams real-time video from the PGF to a smart phone or tablet. It’s ideal for communication in hunting and target shooting applications. Friends, colleagues, or fellow soldiers can see what you see in your tracking optic.

Digital Journal

The PGF records photos and videos of every target engagement. It even has a microphone that picks up your voice and the excitement of a successful shot. Download your photos and videos to your smart phone. Then share with friends and post to social media, and establish your bragging rights.

Heads Up Display

The key user-interface between the shooter and the PGF, this displays 15 vital pieces of data. Includes range-to-target, target velocity, and shot angle.



Max Target Velocity

Tracking Precision

Target Lock Time

800 yards

15 miles per hour

0.047 minutes of angle (MOA)

1 second (includes all ballistics calculations and velocity measurements)

Average Launch Time


Operating Time




2.4 seconds, post-tag

Dual lithium-ion batteries

4 hours

3 to 21x


175 gr Match or 168 gr TSX


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