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Precision Rifles from TrackingPoint

Precision Rifles from TrackingPoint

TrackingPoint is pleased to offer the worlds most advanced precision rifle, the TrackingPoint XS1.

Many firearms manufacturers make accurate rifles, and these conventional firearms are the foundation of any modern firing system, but TrackingPoint takes precision to a new level with the Xact System precision rifle series. We have developed fighter jet style "lock and launch" technology and incorporated it into what we call Precision Guided Firearms. PGFs have create a massive leap forward in rifle accuracy by magnifying a shooters control of the environment they are shooting in. Applying target tracking, heads-up-displays, and complex fire control technology to small arms eliminates several sources of error including but not limited to mis-aiming, triggerjerk, and set-up calculation mistakes. Even a beginner shooter with minimal skill and experience has their First Shot Success Probability drastically increased, with Tag Track Xact accuracy at up to 1200 yards on the XS1. The XactSystem is a completely integrated system that includes a rifle, networked tracking scope, guided trigger, and the most precise ammunition available. Our precision rifle systems offer a revolution in both shooting technology and the shooting process with both Tactical and Long Range Hunting applications.  The scope's WiFi connection allows PGFs to integrate seamlessly with other networks giving video, and data connectivity to connected smart phones and tablets.

Precision Rifle from Tracking PointPrecision Long Range Rifle

About TrackingPoint's Precision Rifles

The precision rifle's abilities are driven by a bolt-action, .338 Lapua Magnum Surgeon™ XL. The 27-inch, Krieger™ cut-barrel is combined with an Accuracy International AX chassis and a high quality Picatinny Rail . Precision Guided Firearms come ready to shoot as a total firing system – custom precision rifle, precision ammunition, networked tracking scope, guided trigger, and accessories. All of these pieces in the XactSystem™ help create the most accurate precision rifle in the world.