Valued TrackingPoint Community,

Wired Magazine recently reported that information security consultants discovered software vulnerabilities in TrackingPoint guns. We worked with the consultants to verify their assessment and will provide you with a software update if necessary. Until then, please note the following: Since your gun does not have the ability to connect to the internet, the gun can only be compromised if the hacker is actually physically with you. You can continue to use WiFi (to download photos or connect to ShotView) if you are confident no hackers are within 100 feet.

We will keep you updated, and hope you continue to have exhilarating TrackingPoint shooting experiences!



Off the Grid Pack / Solar

Solar Backpack
Off the Grid Pack / Cascade solar battery charger

Off the Grid Pack / Ares

Solar Pack Ares
Solar Pack for charging Ares Optic batteries

Eberlestock Pack

Eberlestock Pack
TrackingPoint branded Eberlestock design to fit folded Bolt Action 338LM (XS1) and Bolt Action 300WM-T (XS2) PGFs.

Bipod Picatinny Mount

Quick release swivel bipod with independent collapsable legs.

Cascade Battery Charger

Cascade battery charger
Charger for batteries for Cascade optic PGF models.

Ares Battery Charger

Battery Charger -  Ares
Battery charger for Ares Optic PGF models

Biathlon Sling

Sling for XS series of bolt-action rifles.

Sling / Leather

Leather Sling with TrackingPoint Logo for 300 WM and 308 bolt-action rifles.

Cascade Optic Eye Cup

Cascade Eyecup
Molded plastic eye guard for TrackingPoint Cascade models. Included with all PGFs.

Shuttered Stealth Eyeguard

Shuttered Stealth Eyeguard for Ares PGF models

Sun shade

Cuts down on bright light for PGF user. Included with all PGFs.

5.56 Magpul 30rnd

5.56 Magpul 30 rnd

7.62 Magpul 20rnd

20 Round SA 7.62 Magpul magazine

Nemo Omen Magazine

14 Round Nemo Omen 300WM Magazine

Magazine .338 Lapua Mag

BA338LM Mag
Magazine for BA338LM (XS1) PGF

Magazine .300 Win Mag

Magazine for BA300 and BA300WM-T PGFs.

Barnes CR-10 8oz

Barnes Cleaning Solvent
Bore cleaner.

Cleaning Link

Cleaning link for SA5.56

.338 Lapua Mag Cleaning Kit

.338 Lapua Cleaning Kit
Cleaning kit for the XS1.

.300 Win Mag Cleaning Kit

Cleaning kit for the BA300, BA300WM-T, and SA300.