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The TrackingPoint Story


The story of TrackingPoint began in early 2009 when founder John McHale went on an African safari. He personally saw the challenge of moderate- to long-distance hunting while taking several challenging shots in Tanzania.

Thompsons Gazelle

One particularly difficult shot was a 350-yard attempt to hit a Thompson’s Gazelle, a prized, smaller African game animal. McHale had taken every trophy he was after on the trip, except for the Thompson’s. He had had a chance at a shot, but it had just not been possible to factor in the range, ballistics, stability, and other factors in the time available to convert, on multiple attempts.

With a strong background in technology, McHale knew that this problem should be solvable. He started thinking that with the newly emerging sensor technology, he could build a rifle scope that could make that shot possible for any shooter, regardless of training or experience.

Later in 2009, McHale approached an engineering firm with the idea of making a prototype Precision Guided Firearm (PGF). The mission was to develop small arms tracking and fire control technology capable of making a 450-yard shot and hitting a target the size of a volleyball.

Engineer John Lupher led a prototype project, successfully building a tracking riflescope and demonstrating the power of the concept. In July 2010, the technology was advanced to the point of making reliable, sub-minute-of-angle shots at 1,000 yards. McHale was confident that the project would create a product that would revolutionize the shooting sports market.

In February 2011, McHale created TrackingPoint, an applied technology firm, to make the world’s first Precision Guided Firearms. Lupher joined as the company’s chief technology officer (CTO).

In order to develop the technology and make sure it was reliable in every clime and place, in 2011 and 2012 McHale recruited top-level talent in imaging, tracking, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, industrial design, software, and the firearms industry.