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John McHale, Chairman

John McHale, Chairman

Prior to forming TrackingPoint, John McHale founded a series of high-technology companies.  McHale was founder, CEO and Chairman of NetWorth, Inc.  NetWorth developed and manufactured high-speed networking infrastructure products for corporations and other large institutions.  NetWorth was publicly traded on NASDAQ and was acquired by Compaq Computer Corporation.   Mr. McHale subsequently founded and was CEO and Chairman of NetSpeed, Inc.   NetSpeed was a pioneer in developing and manufacturing high-speed Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) infrastructure products enabling telecommunication providers to provide residential broadband internet services.  NetSpeed was acquired by Cisco Systems.  McHale also founded and was CEO and Chairman of TippingPoint, Inc.  TippingPoint developed the first Intrusion Prevention Systems for protecting corporate networks from cyber-attack. TippingPoint was traded on NASDAQ and was ultimately acquired by 3COM Corporation.  Additionally, McHale was founder and Chairman of BreakingPoint Inc.  BreakingPoint developed and manufactured high performance test systems that enabled large institutions to stress-test their networks to ensure resiliency against cyber-attack.  BreakingPoint was acquired by IXIA, Inc.  Early in his career Mr. McHale was involved in the development of the guidance system for the TOW anti-tank missile and accuracy enhancements for various tank systems.

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