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John Lupher - CEO

John Lupher - CEO

John Lupher participated in the founding of TrackingPoint and currently serves as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. He was responsible for engineering development from initial concept through technology demonstration and productization. He has filed numerous patents in target tracking, fire control, heads up display integration and networking helping establish the core intellectual property around TrackingPoint’s disruptive technology. Prior to TrackingPoint, John founded Evermore Systems, an Austin, TX based turnkey product development company. He served as Evermore’s president for 14 years where he developed a number of commercial and industrial products in semiconductor test, product test and industrial imaging systems. He has developed a number of kinematic measurement systems for golfers including systems supporting golf instructor Dave Pelz and a number of his students. John developed the initial tracking rifle scope prototypes at Evermore under contract to McHale Labs, and the project’s technology was spun off to become TrackingPoint. John is a graduate engineer with degrees from Texas A&M University and Stanford University.

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