Valued TrackingPoint Community,

Wired Magazine recently reported that information security consultants discovered software vulnerabilities in TrackingPoint guns. We worked with the consultants to verify their assessment and will provide you with a software update if necessary. Until then, please note the following: Since your gun does not have the ability to connect to the internet, the gun can only be compromised if the hacker is actually physically with you. You can continue to use WiFi (to download photos or connect to ShotView) if you are confident no hackers are within 100 feet.

We will keep you updated, and hope you continue to have exhilarating TrackingPoint shooting experiences!

Oren Schauble - Director of Marketing

Oren Schauble - Director of Marketing

Oren Schauble is a marketing expert specializing in digital media and public relations for lifestyle brands. Oren has worked both agency and client-side strategizing campaigns and product launches for a diverse array of companies.  Oren has developed marketing strategy and spearheaded program implementation at TrackingPoint since prior to the companies public product launch. He is directly responsible for the communications and demand generation efforts that have established TrackingPoint in the outdoors marketplace.

Prior to TrackingPoint Oren worked agency-side in New York City as Creative Director of New York City Marketing and Public Relations firm Brandsway, working hand in hand with top lifestyle brands and managing luxury brand event activations.